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Video: Volvo C30 ReCharge Concept Car

autoblogger Gepost op 06-09-2007 om 11:23 7.239 views | 2 reacties

Volvo cars now introduce yet another car of the future as an important part of the company’s environmental concentration. This is the Volvo Recharge Concept. A rechargeable electric car with a very high charge capacity, that can also be charged during the journey, by means of its flexi-fuel engine.

2 Reacties:

cheetacars september 6, 2007 om 16:23 # | Report | Reply

dan krijg je een aardige stroomrekening

Rick436 september 6, 2007 om 17:10 # | Report | Reply

Dit is zeker niet de knapste VOLVO!


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