FRED Foto van de maand : 911 GT3 R

Video: Witte BMW vs Witte Mercedes

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prodotti november 1, 2010 om 18:19 # | Report | Reply

net zeggen m3 ook nog , wat een stumperd

Pordon november 1, 2010 om 20:44 # | Report | Reply

Haha oke, ik krijg hier toch wel een klein glimlachje van op m’n gezicht, ondanks dat het echt onwijs asociaal is, is het wel grappig om het zo te zien.

CarspotsERIK november 1, 2010 om 21:53 # | Report | Reply

wat een h*mo!

autoblogger november 2, 2010 om 00:14 # | Report | Reply

Het verhaal via

Coming home after a long night, I said to myself let me grab a drink from the 7-11, little did I know this was going to happen…

I was hit really hard, the car was pushed if you notice in the video, then before I got a chance to get out the car, the other car took off.

10-15 minutes later I found her on a side street running into the curb. I blocked her with the damaged side of the car just in case she hits it again.

I approached the car, told her I know your drunk, just give me your information and have someone pick you up, if I call the cops your going to jail. That did not go so well, she refused to give me all her information, I went behind the car to get the plate number down, she attempted to back the car into me, warned her I am calling 911, dialed 911, she starts to punch me and gets ready to drive back into my car, so I ran grabbed the key out of the ignition, informed the 911 operator what I was doing. Not being able to hit a female, I just ran while I was on the phone with 911, she went on to start kicking my car all over. When the cops pull up, she jumps into MY CAR and attempts to turn the car on and drive off with it, but I had my car keys in my pocket, and advised the officers I had the key, I couldn’t help to laugh, so did a few of the officers, long story short, she blew more then twice over the limit. I did not press any charges as far as the battery, since I knew with the DUI she was going to have enough problems. My new wheels had just came in the day before too, now I wont see the car for sometime!!! I was probably punched 8-12 times, I was up till about 6 in the morning with the officers, destroyed my week, and now I do not have a car to get around with till Monday, SUCKS!!!

ZeRoo november 2, 2010 om 21:52 # | Report | Reply

Ziet er wel uit als een hele gave m3 trouwens..

Davidov november 3, 2010 om 08:57 # | Report | Reply

Premium botsinkje 🙂

ErikkNL november 3, 2010 om 11:11 # | Report | Reply

@Davidov: Premium vittie

Wel balen… maar ze is aangehouden ookal ging dat niet zonder slag of stoot haha


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