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Video: Uitleg over Volvo's nieuwe viercilinders

ricardo Gepost op 06-09-2011 om 20:29 103 views | Geen reacties

The Volvo Car Corporation is now concentrating on a completely new technological future where, amongst other things, they will exclusively concentrate on four cylinder petrol and diesel engines, with considerably lower fuel consumption than today.Engines that in fact have a higher performance than today's six cylinder units. At the same time they are also concentrating on a completely new scaleable vehicle architecture that in the long-term will provide major production advantages.Volvo, that is now consciously concentrating a great deal to become a considerably more Luxury oriented car company sees no problems in that they, at the same time, build their future strategy based on downsizing, quite the opposite, in fact.The new scaleable vehicle architecture that, simply explained, will mean that it will be possible to build virtually all Volvo models on the same production line, will give major economic advantages.The Volvo management feels that this new strategy is an excellent way to show both authorities and customers that this is the right way forward for the future.


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