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Video: 160HP Cart vs 640HP Audi R8 vs 600HP GPOWER M3!

nathan_verhoeven Gepost op 31-08-2016 om 15:21 187 views | Geen reacties

During the Rolling50 at the Sport1 trackday on the Nürburgring GP Strecke organised by SCC500, I filmed this 160HP Hayabusa (or Suzuki, correct me if i'm wrong) cart driven by Mr. Hayabusa. This cart only weighs 160kg (353lbs) which means it has an insane power to weight ratio. It battled against a G-Power BMW M3 E92 GT3 Street with 600HP and a 2016 Audi R8 V10 Plus with 640HP (bolt ons). In the race with the Audi R8 it was almost a dead heat, in the race with the G-Power M3, the cart was faster!


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