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Video: 700HP Nissan Skyline vs 700HP Toyota Supra! -BURNOUT & Launch Controls!

dutchmotorsport Gepost op 18-06-2017 om 18:35 160 views | Geen reacties

In this video you'll see a 650HP Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 and a 711HP Toyota Supra MK4 destroying the drag strip during Japfest 2017 at Circuit Zandvoort! Normally the Skyline produces 710HP, but since the track conditions were not so good he didn't used all of its boost. Next to that the Supra is capable of doing 10 seconds quarter mile runs! It's incredible to see the Supra passes the Skyline although it was having huge struggles to get traction! It even beats a Nissan GTR R35!


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