FRED Foto van de maand : 911 GT3 R

Video: HYPERCAR MADNESS! -Huayra, Agera RS x2, P1, P1 GTR, LaFerrari x2, Veyron WRC ETC! LOUD SOUNDS!

autospotterqvs Gepost op 06-06-2017 om 7:59 207 views | Geen reacties

During Supercar Sunday 2017 on circuit TT Assen also a lot of hypercars participated. Two LaFerrari's, two Koenigseggs, two Bugatti's, a P1 and P1 GTR, Pagani Huayra, the brand new Performante and more epic cars. In this video you can see the cars in action on the circuit doing some epic fly-by's, accelerations and more!

Locatie: Assen
Land: Nederland


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