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Video: SUPERCARS vs TUNNEL -812 SuperFast, Aventador Capristo, F12 N-Largo S, C63 Burnout, DB11, F40,..

dutchmotorsport Gepost op 18-09-2017 om 14:28 258 views | Geen reacties

In this video you'll see many Supercars doing burnouts, launches and revs in a tunnel! Today I was at Super Car Sunday 2017 at Circuit Zandvoort and when the event was over it was time to do some crazy things through this tunnel! I also spotted some new and rare cars like the Ferrari 812 SuperFast, Ferrari F12 Novitec N-Largo S, Aston Martin DB11, Ferrari F40 and an extremely loud Lamborghini Aventador fitted with a Capristo exhaust!

Kenteken: JG-015-K
Merk/model: FERRARI F12
Datum toelating: 19-06-2015
Originele kleur: GRIJS
Carrosserie: coupe
Brandstof: Benzine
Vermogen: 736 pk
Nieuwprijs: 370.985 Eur. (86.319 Eur. BPM)


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