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Video: Hyundai i30 N reclame is.. apart

autoblogger Gepost op 03-11-2017 om 11:39 2.987 views | 10 reacties

Sterke slogan ook: Feel the feeling :)

10 Reacties:

flik2punt0 november 3, 2017 om 12:22 # | Report | Reply

Hahahaha die is echt vet raar

jelteeuu november 3, 2017 om 12:26 # | Report | Reply

Dit is wel een echt aparte reclame ja!

Esprit_de_Flandre november 3, 2017 om 12:51 # | Report | Reply

Bwaha, wat een zooi. Zal meer mensen afschrikken dan aantrekken. Maar ja, de N zelf zal wel in orde zijn…

oxymoron november 3, 2017 om 13:04 # | Report | Reply

Het hinnikt, dus het moet een paard voorstellen (Ferrari?), maar het ziet er uit als een baviaan. Apart.

rulefollower november 3, 2017 om 13:12 # | Report | Reply

Komt de Hyundai Pony weer terug?

Rudeboy01 november 3, 2017 om 14:53 # | Report | Reply

Das N Pony…

dutchfiat november 3, 2017 om 14:58 # | Report | Reply

Ziet u ook zoveel Hyundai’s de laatste tijd?

ibssr november 3, 2017 om 15:08 # | Report | Reply


The spots will be running on Hyundai digital and social channels. All aim to evoke the feeling of driving the car and, according to the agency, the approach is designed to feel “ironic premium” — a “tongue (stuck firmly)-in-cheek poke at automotive and luxury brands taking themselves too seriously.”

“Our aim with this campaign is to stand out of the crowd, to shake-up the staid formula of car advertising, and most importantly to have some fun with viewers,” says James Temple, executive VP, chief creative officer EMEA at R/GA. “We want people to rethink their views of Hyundai as a practical, compromise choice, to a brand which shows people through the power of ‘N’ that they make cars that are fun to drive and which aren’t like anything else out there,”

“It is our mission for more people to enjoy the mischievous grin you get when driving an i30N, and these films are just the start,” adds Minsoo Kim, head of marketing division, Hyundai Motor Company. “Performance car advertising has been the same for decades and has become out of touch with what people really want …. This is N, and it’s here to disrupt the category, to subvert cliches, have some fun and share a joke with performance car drivers who enjoy the feeling of driving a powerful car.”

dirkv november 3, 2017 om 18:45 # | Report | Reply

Nou, dat is zeker een zeer opmerkelijke reclame. Ik begrijp alleen niet helemaal hoe ze hiermee kopers willen bewegen een Hyundai te kopen.

drsjeroen november 13, 2017 om 21:55 # | Report | Reply



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