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Foto's: Lamborghini Countach Walter Wolf Special?

dutchstylez Gepost op 16-01-2018 om 7:01 6.202 views | 15 reacties

Een originele Walter Wolfs Special! Heel zeldzaam.

Locatie: Maastricht
Land: Nederland

15 Reacties:

bullzeyersn januari 16, 2018 om 09:33 # | Report | Reply

Mag ik vragen wat er speciaal aan is? Lijkt een normale anniversary edition

davelepeef januari 16, 2018 om 09:37 # | Report | Reply

@bullzeyersn: misschien haal ik modellen door elkaar, maar ik dacht dat er een bepaalde versie Countach was opgebouwd naar wens van Walter Wolf, waarbij die spec later door Lamborghini zelf is overgenomen. Maar volgens mij ging dat om een oudere versie…

davelepeef januari 16, 2018 om 10:35 # | Report | Reply

@davelepeef: dat waren dus oudere types…

marinepower januari 16, 2018 om 09:53 # | Report | Reply

Als die Walter op Wall Street woonde misschien wel, alleen had die een witte.

toniominestrone januari 16, 2018 om 10:10 # | Report | Reply

@marinepower: Deze Walter is een Canadees, had in de jaren’70 een f1 team.

jeroenwz januari 16, 2018 om 09:53 # | Report | Reply

Dit is geen originele Walter Wolf Countach.
Dit is zoals Bullzeyersn en Davelepeef al constateerden een Anniversary met wat stickers van Walter Wolf erop.
De echte Walter Wolf Countaches werden halverwege de jaren ’70 gebouwd.

mojopin januari 16, 2018 om 10:28 # | Report | Reply

Lm Classic Cars in Genk, heeft altijd mooi spul staan 👌🏼

davelepeef januari 16, 2018 om 10:34 # | Report | Reply

Heb ff gezocht, was benieuwd… In 1988 werd de 25th Anniversary Edition gebouwd, ruim 650 stuks. Onderhuids grotendeels gelijk aan de 5000QV, maar de carrosserie is anders.
Deze specifieke Countach was schijnbaar voor Walter Wolf, chassisnummer LLA12995, dus in die zin uniek. Overigens ook één van de laatste Countach’s vóór de Diablo z’n intrede deed. Volgens mij niet anders dan de overige 25th’s, terwijl zijn eerdere (3) Countach’s wel behoorlijk gepersonaliseerd waren.

lekkerlinksrijden januari 16, 2018 om 10:35 # | Report | Reply

Trek aub die stickers eraf, is geen gezicht

chimaera januari 16, 2018 om 11:35 # | Report | Reply

Jezus wat een panel gaps op die dingen!

frank2b januari 16, 2018 om 11:48 # | Report | Reply

Het leuke van zo’n Countach is dat je ‘m op een chassis van een Kever helemaal zelf kunt opbouwen met behulp van wat meubelplaatpanelen van de Praxis!

cazzo046 januari 16, 2018 om 14:27 # | Report | Reply

Doe mij die GT3RS maar.

doewap januari 16, 2018 om 19:21 # | Report | Reply

Walter Wolf… zie docu Williams op Netflix.

En, Interpol’s Most Wanted in Slovenia (2013)

doewap januari 16, 2018 om 19:22 # | Report | Reply

Walter was 19 when he decided it was time to go west and seek his fortune. He arrived in Canada with no money, and speaking no English. “The first words I learned in English were ‘noodle soup’ because that was the cheapest food I could find. For the first few months I lived on nothing else. I found out how to get warm by taking refuge in a local cinema, and I learned English from watching cowboy movies.”

The Wolf determination ensured that Walter survived. After various jobs, from lift repair man to underwater diver building bridge foundations, he joined a company that made marine equipment. His summary of his 20-year route from the bottom of the ladder to the top is brief. “I kept working, I kept working, I became junior partner, I kept working. I got contracts for big projects in Canada. I ended up taking over the company. We did oil platform installations all over the world: off the shores of Louisiana, in Brazil off Rio, in Nigeria, in New Zealand, in the North Sea working out of Aberdeen. And we dealt in crude oil, buying low, selling high. We weren’t IBM, but we made a lot of money.”

To get himself around, along with private jets and JetRanger helicopters, he bought himself a Lamborghini Countach. “But I decided it wasn’t good enough, so I got onto the factory to ask them to make me a special one. That was how I met Gian Paolo Dallara. At the time he was chief engineer at Lamborghini, although of course he already had a lot of experience with racing cars, including designing the 1970 De Tomaso F1 car that Frank Williams ran for Piers Courage. I am still very close to Paolo: for me he is the best all-round car engineer in the world. I am not just talking about Formula 1 now, he is not a Patrick Head or an Adrian Newey, but he is very versatile: he has done F1 cars, he has done Indycars, he has done road cars. He is still a very good friend, and one of the nicest guys I know. Now he is working on a new sports car, not to compete with Ferrari or McLaren, but something that can sell for under €100,000, like a modern-day Porsche 550 Spyder with a 300bhp Alfa Romeo V6 engine.

“With Paolo, using the Countach as a base, we set out to make the fastest road car in the world. At one time I was spending more time at the Lamborghini factory in Sant’Agata than I was in my office, and I had several Countach Walter Wolf Specials made.” He also got the factory to assemble the last-ever Miura out of remaining parts, and gave it to his then wife as a shopping car. “Later, when Lamborghini was in trouble, I could have bought the business. I had a look at it, but it had too much debt. That was a smart decision. Later it ended up with Chrysler, and now it belongs to VW.


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