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julian_gtr Gepost op 23-09-2018 om 18:42 342 views | 3 reacties

Woman unleashes on Alex Choi at "The Snake" on Mulholland Hwy in Southern Ca. after Alex, the driver of a Supercharged Lamborghini Huracan Supercar about kills her boyfriend (rider of the Yamaha R1 Streetbike). Alex apologized after he cut off the motorcycle claiming that the motorcycle was in his blind spot when he pulled out. The end result with this close call could have been much worse!

Locatie: Mulholland Dr.
Land: Verenigde Staten

3 Reacties:

MAB september 24, 2018 om 07:45 # | Report | Reply

Bewijst maar weer dat chinezen niet kunnen rijden.

tortuga september 24, 2018 om 08:19 # | Report | Reply

Ogen beetje meer openen volgende keer maar al bij al geen accidenten

dedon september 25, 2018 om 20:57 # | Report | Reply

Wat een stelletje trieste bemoeials zeg.


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